Grocery Store

St Louis, MO

Are you new to town? Are you looking for a local grocery store that has the best prices? Finding a good, reputable grocery store when you're new to town it is very hard because of course, you do not know the area well yet and different areas have different stores. You want to find a store that has fresh foodstuff and is decently priced in all aspects of grocery shopping. It should not matter whether you are looking for farm produce, meat, seafood or imperishable items. You want your home base store to get a little bit of everything in a pinch. When it comes down to it, James Henry Provisions Co in St. Louis, MO is your one-stop shop. We have been in business for years. We have everything under the sun that you need to make your meals. If you need produce, we got it. If you need meat, we got it. If you need seafood, we got it. Not to mention, need to stock up on liquor? We have a liquor store on site, so you can get your liquor and your groceries without having to go to different stores. We pride ourselves in having a great facility for people to get everything they need for parties, luncheons or for regular grocery shopping. We want you to choose us to be your home shopping store when you need to run in and get milk, bread, eggs, etc. We are reasonably priced thanks to our loyal customers who build our business in various ways. If you are new to the St. Louis, MO area, you will soon learn why everyone recommends shopping in our grocery and liquor store at James Henry Provisions Co. We guarantee, you will soon be a returning customer. Our hospitable staff and satisfactory shopping experience will see you coming back.