Check Cashing Service

Cahokia, IL, MO

Have you run into hard times where your checks keep bouncing and you keep over drafting? We have all been there and done that at least once in our lives. We know how hard it can be on someone who has more money coming out of the account than the money coming in. If that is the case for you right now, chances are, depending on the financial institution, they might have closed your account, which sometimes is best when you are in this situation. Of course, you are probably scared half to death because you don't know what you are going to do. Where are you going to cash your checks? Will there be high fees involved? Well, you can cash your checks at James Henry Provisions Co. in Cahokia, IL. Here, at James Henry Provisions Co. we provide a check cashing service. We understand there are many reasons why you may not have a bank account because some people run into hard time and some people just choose to use strictly cash rather than plastic. Whatever your reason may be, we are here to cash your check for you. We pride ourselves in having lower fees than most places. Most places want to take a nice portion of your check, but we know you need all of the cash on your check as it is, so we only take a negligible percentage. However, while you are using our check cashing service, treat yourself to some wine and beer. We have the best prices in town that you cannot turn away. We have unbeatable prices which make our customers come back again and again for all their needs. So, the next time you need your check cashed or just need some wine and beer, we are the place to stop in at Cahokia, IL.